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Fail til you succeed 

The Robdiddy Podcast 

Even if it doesn’t catch on at first I won’t stop, I will keep working at it and learning. Just like video editing and building this entire website. I just figured out how to have this only show episodes I post as podcasts. 

Bone Density Workout

So every single year when it is the week of my birthday, I reflect on my life and appreciate where I am today. I have a normal life, people look at me like this guy is skinny as hell even at my biggest gainz state. I’ve tried many different professions or career paths. Then I realized that my life story and experiences are something that other people needed to hear. So I was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, my baby book has 5 pages of loose leaf front to back with my fractures. My mom’s side of the family possessed the trait, my mom had a mild case and my dad never broke a bone in his life. But it got passed to me and it started off my life with a broken leg straight out of the womb. By the way, my dad has asthma and I got that too.